The most popular mobile payment method in Switzerland allows users to connect their bank account or cards with the TWINT app to make secure payments in person and online using their smartphones.

How it works

Key information

Available country codesCH
Supported customer locationsGlobal
Supported currenciesCHF
API method nametwint
Supported APIPayments API , Orders API
Minimum transaction amountCHF 0,01
Maximum transaction amountNo maximum limit for purchases made from a customer.

The maximum limit for payment with a QR code sticker is CHF 5000.
Session timeout15 minutes on the Twint hosted payment page.

3 minutes if the user scanned the QR code, but did not confirm the payment via the TWINT app.
RefundFull refund
Partial refund
Multiple partial refunds
Refund validity7 days
Settlement delay2 business days
Chargeback riskYes
Chargeback period120 days from service period
ChargeInstant charge
Resource packAvailable here