Orders API



We no longer recommend implementing the Orders API. Please refer to the Payments API instead. We are actively working on adding support for Klarna, Billie, in3 and Vouchers to the Payments API later this year.

The Orders API allows you to create payments with order management functionalities. The API is specifically designed for order-based payment processing. It can be seen as an extension of the Payments API for more specific use cases.

Some payment methods such as Klarna require order details (and therefore the Orders API) to function.

In its simplest form, processing an order requires three steps: setting up the order with the Create order endpoint, sending the customer to our hosted checkout for authorization, and capturing the order lines using the Shipments API as you ship the items to the customer. The captured amount or amounts will then be settled to your account.

Refer to the Orders API overview for a step-by-step guide on implementing the Orders API.