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How to create a Mollie account

You can create a Mollie account on our website. Complete the sign up process by entering additional information. To sign up, you need the following documents and information: your company details, information about your stakeholders, website details, bank account information and a copy of your ID.

  1. Sign up for a Mollie account on our website.
  2. Log in and continue by clicking Start setup in your Mollie Dashboard.
  3. Enter the information about your business, its legal representative and the website’s URL.
  4. Activate the payment methods you want to offer.
    You can find more information about each payment method by clicking Pricing & Info.
  5. To receive payments and enable payouts, click Finish setup.
  6. Upload ID of each legal representative.
  7. Add your bank account details to receive payouts.

Congratulations, you are now ready to connect Mollie to your website!

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