Go-live checklist

Complete this checklist to go live with Mollie.

  • Sign up for an account with Mollie.
  • Verify your email.
  • Complete your business profile to start the verification process.
  • Review your bank account information.
  • Add and configure your payment methods.
  • In your Mollie website profile, grab the Test API key (or add testmode parameter to your API call in case of the other authentication methods).
  • Make a test API call to verify the connection between Mollie and your webshop (e.g the simplest call to make is List payments).


We recommend using our collection in Postman to explore example requests from the documentation. Learn more in our Postman guide.

  • Create your first payment to verify if transactions are properly initiated.
    A response 200 application/hal+json is issued whenever your request is a success.
  • After testing, switch to the Live API key (or toggle the testmode parameter off) to accept payments.
  • Start receiving and managing payouts.