Create payment

Payment creation is elemental to the Mollie API: this is where most payment implementations start off.

Once you have created a payment, you should redirect your customer to the URL in the _links.checkout property from the response.

To wrap your head around the payment process, an explanation and flow charts can be found in the 'Accepting payments' guide.

If you specify the method parameter when creating a payment, optional additional parameters may be available for the payment method that are not listed below. Please refer to the guide on method-specific parameters.


Mollie allows you to quickly and easily accept payments through credit and debit cardsโ€š the most widely used online payment method in the world. It only takes 10 minutes to start receiving payments through credit and debit card and there are no hidden fees involved. You only pay for successful transactions. Find out more about our card offer.

Bank-based methods

Bank-based methods allow customers to pay online using their bank accounts through a secure and user-friendly checkout process. These methods are popular among consumers and can enhance conversion rates while reducing fraud.

Direct debit

Direct debits let businesses automatically withdraw recurring payments from customers' bank accounts, ensuring timely payments and reducing admin tasks, ideal for subscriptions and recurring services.

Buy now pay later (BNPL)

Buy now, pay later options enable retailers to attract customers who prefer to pay in installments. Your business receives full payment immediately, while customers can choose to pay nothing or only a portion of the total cost at checkout.

Gift cards and vouchers

Gift cards are prepaid cards used to purchase goods and services, often given as gifts. They offer flexibility and convenience, allowing recipients to choose their own items. Accepted widely, they come in physical or digital forms and can be easily processed through Mollie.

Similarly, vouchers are employee benefits for specific products. For example giving employees discounts for dining at restaurants โ€” typically for lunch โ€” or for eco-friendly products and gifts. Many countries offer favorable tax treatment for vouchers.


Wallets offer a quick and secure payment method using saved cards or stored balances. They enhance conversion rates and minimize fraud, particularly on mobile devices.

Point of sale

With Mollie you can accept in-person card payments next to your online payments, neatly unifying your online and in-person presence. Find out more about our offer.