Integrating vouchers

Integrating meal, eco, and gift vouchers

A voucher is for certain products given to employees as an employee benefit, allowing them to eat at outside restaurants, typically for lunch, buying eco product or gifts. In many countries, vouchers had favorable tax treatment. Vouchers are typically in the form of paper tickets but are gradually being replaced by electronic vouchers in the form of a special payment card. Itโ€™s possible to accept these cards via Mollie.

Supported brands

At the moment, the following brands are supported by Mollie:

  • Edenred Cadeau
  • Edenred Eco
  • Edenred Meal
  • Edenred Sports & Culture
  • Edenred Compliments
  • Edenred Consommation
  • Monizze Eco
  • Monizze Gift
  • Monizze Meal
  • Sodexo Cadeau Pass
  • Sodexo Eco Pass
  • Sodexo Lunch Pass

Contracting and settlement

In order to use vouchers as a payment method, you should have a contract with the owner of the brand(s) you want to accept. For example, with Sodexo Belgium for the Sodexo vouchers. Once you have a contract, you can activate the brand via the Mollie Dashboard. Enter your contract ID and enable the brand(s) of the brand owner(s) you want to provide.

In contrast to other payment methods such as iDEAL or credit card, Mollie does not handle settlement on your behalf. Settlement is handled by the brand owner, like Sodexo Belgium.

Integration via the Orders API

Vouchers are only available as payment method via the Orders API since these can only be used for eligible products. Therefore you should include the lines.category parameter for all your order lines. We will calculate the eligible amount based on this parameter.

If you do not specify the lines.category for at least one order line, the voucher method will not be available to the shopper.

Mollie supports stacking transactions, e.g. starting with a partial voucher payment and then finalizing the payment using more vouchers or one of the other payment methods.

Canceled and abandoned payments

If your shopper cancels or abandons the payment after partially paying with one or more vouchers, the amount paid with the vouchers will not be refunded due to the limitation set by the brand issuers. You will still receive the money via the brand owner and should handle a refund by yourself.


You cannot perform any voucher refunds due to the limitation set by the brand issuers. However, if another payment method was used during the checkout, you can refund the part paid with the payment method used for the remainder amount.

Getting the details of the remainder payment

In some cases it is desirable to receive the details of a payment. This is mostly the case from the remainder payment when the consumer partially paid with a voucher. Receiving these details is possible in both the Get payment and Get order endpoints.

To receive the remainder details in the Payments API, use the details.remainderDetails include. For example: GET For the Orders API you should use the payments.details.remainderDetails embed: GET

Be aware that the remainderDetails is only available when the payment was partially paid with a voucher and then the remainder was paid with a different payment method.