MyBank is the solution designed for domestic and cross-border e-commerce payments. It enables consumers to pay in an easy and safe way using real-time bank transfers. MyBank positions itself as a flexible solution for both B2B and B2C businesses: over 250 banks and PSPs have joined the MyBank network throughout Europe.
Consumers complete payments by selecting their bank and logging in with their online banking credentials.

How it works

Key information

Available country codesIT
Supported customer locationsEU
Supported currenciesEUR
API method namemybank
Supported APIPayments API , Orders API
Minimum transaction amountEUR 0.01
Maximum transaction amount-
Session timeout5-30 minutes
RefundFull refund
Partial refund
Multiple partial refunds
Refund validity365 days
Settlement delay3 business days
Chargeback riskNo
Chargeback period-
Resource packAvailable here