OXID 6: Set up your checkout

Add payment methods

Enhance your customers' payment experience by offering them a variety of payment methods.

What you need to do in advance

  • Ensure that the payment methods that you want to offer are activated in the Mollie Dashboard.



Some payment methods require Mollie's approval before they're available in your Mollie Dashboard. If your account has been approved but payment methods are still missing from your dashboard, contact support.

Add payment methods

To add payment methods to your checkout, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to OXID.

  2. Go to Shop Settings > Payment Methods.

  3. From the list, select the payment method you want to enable.

  4. Check the Active checkbox:



To deactivate (remove) a specific payment method on your checkout page, uncheck the Active checkbox.

  1. Save the changes.



You have to assign the payment methods to shipping methods or they will not show up in your check out.

Customize your checkout

Improve the user experience of your OXID checkout and maintain its brand consistency by customizing the payment method descriptions and their visibility.
The Main tab of your payment methods' settings offers you a variety of options when it comes to customization of the checkout experience:

  • API method
    Select the appropriate API method for your payment processing goals: Payments API for simple payments or Orders API for detailed orders.
  • Payment description
    Include order details such as order number and customer name in the payment descriptions that appear in your Dashboard.
  • Name
    Select the name for the payment method to cater to your own or local payment preferences in your OXID checkout.
  • Price Surcharge/Reduction
    Decide whether you want to charge your customers for the costs you incur on accepting the payment method. The price can be specified in two different ways:
    • With abs the price is entered for the payment method as it is (e.g.: if you enter EUR 7.50 an additional cost of EUR 7.50 is calculated).
    • With %, the price is calculated relative to the purchase price (e.g.: if you enter 2, the cost is calculated as 2% of the purchase price)
  • Base of price surcharge/reduction
    Select which costs will be included when calculating cart value (total cost of all goods in cart, discounts, vouchers etc.). By default, the total cart value is being used.
  • min. Credit Rating
    Make a specific payment method only available to users who have a certain credit index or higher.
  • Purchase Price
    Use Purchase Price to specify that the payment method is only valid for certain purchase total. Every payment method can have its own minimum and maximum amount.
    If you want to enable a payment method regardless of the purchase price, specify a condition that is always met (e.g enter 0 in the from field and 99999999 in the to field).
  • Selected
    Define if a payment method is the default method during the checkout (if a user can choose between several payment methods).
  • Sorting
    Specify the display order of your payment methods. The payment method with the lowest number (e.g. 0) is displayed on top.
  • Assign User Groups
    Make a payment method available for specific country only.
    User groups are used to group users with specific characteristics (this may include user status, previous sales in the shop, signing up for the newsletter etc). Learn more about user groups on OXID's help center.