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Available payment methods

Mollie for Gambio offers a wide range of payment methods that your customers can use to pay during checkout.

Apple Pay (incl. Apple Pay Direct), Bancontact, Credit/Debit cards, EPS, Gift cards & Vouchers, iDEAL; iDEAL in3, Klarna, PayPal, Przelewy24, Belfius Pay Button, KBC Payment Button, SEPA Bank Transfer.

For information on how to select the best payment methods for your business, refer to the Mollie Payment methods guide.


Mollie for Gambio offers the following features to effectively manage your online payments:

  • Customize the payment experience
  • Localize your payment methods
  • Manage orders and payments

Install and connect

Enhance your storefront payment options with Mollie.

What you need to do in advance:

  • Create a Mollie account.
  • Ensure that you have an FTP client installed.


  1. Go to Mollie for Gambio releases↗.
  2. Find your Gambio version.
  3. Download the source code file under Assets.
  4. Extract the contents of the file and copy them to the root directory of your Gambio web server using your FTP client.
  5. Go to Toolkit > Cache in your Gambio dashboard and clear the following caches:
    • module
    • output
    • text
  6. Go to Modules > Modules-Center in your Gambio dashboard and select Mollie from the list.
  7. Select Install.

Optional: Install Mollie Payment Surcharge module

If you want to add a surcharge for certain payment methods, install the Mollie Payment Surcharge module.



Check your local legislation before adding a payment surcharge.

  1. Log in to Gambio.
  2. Go to Modules > Order total.
  3. Scroll down and select Added Modules.
  4. Select Mollie Payment Surcharge.
  5. Select Install.


Mollie gives you two API keys to authenticate your requests:

  • Test key: Use this key when setting up and testing Mollie for Gambio.
  • Live key: Use this key after Mollie has approved your account and you are ready to accept live payments.

To connect with Mollie, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Mollie Dashboard.
  2. Select the organization from the menu in the top-left corner of the dashboard's home page.



To comply with UK regulations, UK-based merchants have to select a UK-registered organisation to ensure that they use the correct API keys.

  1. Go to More > Developers > API keys and copy them.
  2. Go to Modules > Modules-Center.
  3. Select Mollie from the module list and select Edit.
  4. Paste the API keys into their respective fields.
  5. Switch the Test mode toggle on or off.
    We recommend switching it on until you are sure that everything works as you expect.
  6. Select Verify token to confirm that your API keys work.
  7. Select Save changes.