Giropay is no longer available.

You can find more information in our Help Center.

A trusted bank transfer payment method, integrated with more than 1‚500 German banks.
Germany’s most popular way to pay online is the bank transfer, used in 51% of all online purchases, which makes it a very popular payment method on the market.
Payments made with Giropay are guaranteed as it uses real-time bank transfer.

Key information

Available country codesDE
Supported customer locationsGlobal
Supported currenciesEUR
API method namegiropay
Supported APIPayments API, Orders API
Minimum transaction amountEUR 1.00
Maximum transaction amountNo limit.
Up to EUR 10.000 - payment guaranteed.
Over EUR 10.000 - payment not guaranteed.
Session timeout35 minutes
RefundsFull refund
Partial refund
Multiple partial refund
Refund validity365 days
Recurring paymentsNo
Settlement delay2 business days
Chargeback riskNo
Chargeback period-
ChargeInstant charge
Resource packAvailable here