Accessing merchant data

Your app may request a set of permissions, which allow access to various endpoints of the Mollie API. All currently available permissions are listed below.

Permissions can be requested by redirecting the resource owner to the Authorize endpoint with the requested permissions as a space-separated list in the scope parameter.

payments.readView the merchant’s payments, chargebacks and payment methods.
payments.writeCreate payments for the merchant. The received payment will be added to the merchant’s balance.
refunds.readView the merchant’s refunds.
refunds.writeCreate or cancel refunds.
customers.readView the merchant’s customers.
customers.writeManage the merchant’s customers.
mandates.readView the merchant’s mandates.
mandates.writeManage the merchant’s mandates.
subscriptions.readView the merchant’s subscriptions.
subscriptions.writeManage the merchant’s subscriptions.
profiles.readView the merchant’s website profiles.
profiles.writeManage the merchant’s website profiles.
invoices.readView the merchant’s invoices.
settlements.readView the merchant’s settlements.
orders.readView the merchant’s orders.
orders.writeManage the merchant’s orders.
shipments.readView the merchant’s order shipments.
shipments.writeManage the merchant’s order shipments.
organizations.readView the merchant’s organizational details.
organizations.writeChange the merchant’s organizational details.
onboarding.readView the merchant’s onboarding status.
onboarding.writeSubmit onboarding data for the merchant.
payment-links.readView the merchant’s payment links.
payment-links.writeCreate payment links for the merchant.
balances.readView the merchant’s balances information.
terminals.readView the merchant’s point-of-sale terminals.
terminals.writeManage the merchant’s point-of-sale terminals.