Managing customers

Mollie Connect assists you in monitoring and managing your customer’s onboarding process through a set of dashboards, providing both an overview of all your customers, as well as a detailed per-client view.



Your app needs to request ‘’ and ‘’ permissions to access data of your customers in the dashboards.

Partner or marketplace clients page

This page offers an overview of all connected and onboarding merchants, searchable by organization name and ID. Check onboarding status (needs-data, in-review, completed) and the blocked payments indicator (available, pending, blocked) to identify accounts needing assistance.

Detailed clients page

Each connected client has a Client detail page where you can check organization details, a list of payment profiles (including statuses and enabled payment methods), and an overview of the merchant’s onboarding steps. This provides full visibility for guiding your clients effectively.

Customer onboarding

Once your client has submitted all necessary data and enabled the required settings, Mollie initiates the review process. Ensure your clients are prepared for onboarding using the checklist below:

  • Organization details provided
  • Stakeholder information entered
  • Website & products/services details provided
  • Payment methods activated on the profile level
  • IDs of legal representatives uploaded
  • Bank account details added

More information on merchant onboarding can be found in the following articles: