OAuth is an open standard that our API supports, which allows your app to access data from a connected account with their consent. This prevents having to manually exchange API keys. For example, with your user’s consent, using OAuth you can call the Invoices API on behalf of your user to retrieve their Mollie invoice.

Following the OAuth standard, the Mollie OAuth API consists of three endpoints.

Firstly, the Authorize endpoint is where your app users are sent to grant your app access to their Mollie account.

Secondly, the Generate tokens endpoint is where your app can retrieve access tokens based on the given authorization. With those access tokens, you can talk to the Mollie API on behalf of your users.

Lastly, we offer the Revoke tokens endpoint where your app can proactively revoke authorizations (as per the standard OAuth revoke flow).

Refer to Getting started with Mollie Connect for a step-by-step guide on implementing OAuth.