Create order payment

⚠️ We no longer recommend implementing the Orders API. Please refer to the Payments API instead. We are actively working on adding support for Klarna, Billie, in3 and Vouchers to the Payments API later this year.

An order has an automatically created payment that your customer can use to pay for the order. When the payment expires you can create a new payment for the order using this endpoint. A maximum of 25 payments can be created for an order.

A new payment can only be created while the status of the order is created, and when the status of the existing payment is either expired, canceled or failed.

The endpoint accepts virtually all parameters accepted by the regular Create payment endpoint. Please refer to that endpoint for the full documentation of all parameters.

The payment inherits certain properties, such as the amount and webhookUrl, directly from the order. These cannot be changed via this endpoint.