Manage order lines

⚠️ We no longer recommend implementing the Orders API. Please refer to the Payments API instead. We are actively working on adding support for Klarna, Billie, in3 and Vouchers to the Payments API later this year.

Use this endpoint to update, cancel, or add one or more order lines of a created, pending, or authorized order.

For an already authorized order, updating the order lines will trigger an additional authorization request to the payment method provider.

For example, your customer placed an order that contains two order lines:

  • Order line A contains two items and amounts to €100.00.
  • Order line B contains a discount of 10% applicable to the items in order line A, which amounts to -€10.00.

The order total is €90.00.

You only have one item of type A left, and therefore contact your customer to find another solution. The customer opts to replace one of order line A's items with item C. Item C costs €40.00, however, discount B does not apply to item C.

Using this endpoint, you can create a request to update the order lines, where:

  • Order line A is updated to quantity 1.
  • Order line B is updated to discount amount -€5.00.
  • Order line C is added with amount €40.00.

The updated order totals €85.00.