Create subscription

With subscriptions, you can schedule recurring payments to take place at regular intervals.

For example, by simply specifying an amount and an interval, you can create an endless subscription to charge a monthly fee, until you cancel the subscription.

Or, you could use the times parameter to only charge a limited number of times, for example to split a big transaction in multiple parts.

A few example usages:

amount[currency]="EUR" amount[value]="5.00" interval="2 weeks" Your customer will be charged €5 once every two weeks.

amount[currency]="EUR" amount[value]="20.00" interval="1 day" times=5 Your customer will be charged €20 every day, for five consecutive days.

amount[currency]="EUR" amount[value]="10.00" interval="1 month" startDate="2018-04-30" Your customer will be charged €10 on the last day of each month, starting in April 2018.