Balances API

The Balances API allows you to retrieve real-time as well as historical information about your Mollie balance. This may be useful to for example integrate Mollie into your bookkeeping, or for SaaS providers to enrich the experience they offer their Mollie users. With the Balances API, you can:

  • Retrieve your real-time open balance(s)
  • Retrieve all balance movements that took place on your balance (e.g. payments, refunds, etc.)
  • Retrieve aggregated time-based reports of these balance movements

The Balances API has some overlap with the Settlements API , since the Settlements API allows you to retrieve the fixed list of balance transactions that were included in each settlement. Both APIs can be used for accounting and reconciliation purposes, however the Balances API will give you the most complete and real-time overview.

For more information, refer to our knowledge base.


Important note

Due to technical limitations, data from before 1 July 2022 is not available via this API.