Cancel order lines

⚠️ We no longer recommend implementing the Orders API. Please refer to the Payments API instead. We are actively working on adding support for Klarna, Billie, in3 and Vouchers to the Payments API later this year.

Cancel one or more order lines that were previously authorized. To cancel the entire order, please refer to the Cancel order endpoint instead.

Canceling or partially canceling an order line will immediately release the authorization held for that amount. You should cancel an order line if you do not intend to (fully) ship it.

If the order line was already authorized, the authorization will be released.

For an order line with status shipping, the authorization for the quantity that is still pending will be released. Afterwards, the order line will be marked completed.

If the order line is paid or already completed, you can create a refund using the Create order refund endpoint instead.