Mollie API v2

Occasionally, we will add new resources, new fields, or new possible values to existing fields to the v2 Mollie API. All changes are documented here.

May 2024

We are introducing a new beta parameter to the Payments API that allows adding line item information.

April 2024

March 2024

  • Added support for sort parameter on the List Payments and List Orders endpoints.
  • Edenred vouchers and Twint are generally available.

January 2024

  • Added support for the description and countriesOfActivity fields on the Profiles API

December 2023

We are introducing a new beta capability for card payments. It is now possible to place a hold on a card and at a later time capture the funds. This can reduce the risk for chargebacks by only capturing when you are sure of the final payment amount.

August 2023

  • Added Point of sale payment details.

July 2023

  • Changed the Get terminal endpoint from Coming Soon to Beta.

June 2023

May 2023

  • Added the Create client link endpoint.
  • Deprecated the Submit onboarding data endpoint.
  • Previously, we allowed all merchants to refund an additional €25 on top of the original payment amount. We removed this functionality by default for all merchants as of May 29th, 2023. If you have a good use case for over-refunding, please reach out to Mollie Support so we can work with you on enabling this for your account.

March 2023

  • Added the dagiftcard as gift card issuer.

February 2023

December 2022

  • Added support for a dedicated cancelUrl in the Payments API and Orders API. The consumer will be sent to this URL if they cancel a payment or order. If the cancelUrl is not provided, the consumer will be sent to the redirectUrl as was already the case.
  • Added support for Idempotency-Key headers in the Mollie API, making API requests repeatable and idempotent within a specific timeframe. See API idempotency.

October 2022

  • Added new Balances API docs.
  • Added the horseandgifts and shoesandsneakerscadeau as gift card issuer.

June 2022

  • Added in3 as new payment method, which is only supported by the Orders API. If you are interested in accepting in3 payments, you can enable the payment method via the Mollie Dashboard.

March 2022

  • Added the en_GB (British English) locale to localize translations and allow for ordering the payment methods in the preferred order for the country.

February 2022

  • Added the doenkadotickets as gift card issuers.

January 2022

November 2021

  • Added the wijncadeaukaart and jewelcard as gift card issuers.
  • Added optional landing_page parameter to the Authorize endpoint.

October 2021

September 2021

  • Added authentication_required as possible failureReason in the Payments API for credit card payments.

August 2021

  • Added gift card issuers bloemplantgiftcard and sodexosportculturepass.

July 2021

June 2021

  • We released the new Payment links API. This API makes it possible to generate payment links. These can for example be used to attach to invoices that have yet to be completed.

May 2021

  • The Create order payment endpoint on the Orders API now has a limit on how many payments can be created for an order. After reaching the limit of 25 payments a call to this endpoint will result in an error.

April 2021

March 2021

  • Added gift card issuers delokalecadeaukaart, boekenbon, bloemencadeaukaart, and kluscadeau.
  • Added authentication_abandoned and authentication_unavailable_acs as possible failureReason in the Payments API for credit card payments.

February 2021

  • We discontinued the support for ING Home’Pay as a payment method. This means that the API now rejects all Create payment endpoint calls with the method inghomepay. Be sure to remove this payment method from your checkout if needed. Contact us for more info.

January 2021

  • amountChargedBack.value in the Payments API has been changed from a negative to a positive value to make it consistent with the other equivalent fields in the API.

December 2020

  • We have added Revolut as new iDEAL issuer. It will appear automatically in your checkout if you use the Mollie Hosted Payment Page or the Methods API to get the issuers. If you use a custom integration you should add the issuer ID ideal_REVOLT21 to your list of available iDEAL banks.

November 2020

  • Added a new merchant category code (MCC) for profiles: 5262 Marketplaces, crowdfunding, donation platforms.
  • Added the optional givenName and familyName fields to the Paypal shippingAddress object in the Payments API.
  • Added the amountChargedBack field to the payment response if the payment has some chargebacks.
  • We have added the following range to the list of IP addresses used to call webhooks: The full list of IP addresses can be found here.
  • We have added 7 new Merchant Category Codes for profiles: 5712 Home furnishing 5945 Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops 6051 Crypto currency 7922 Events, conferences, concerts, tickets 7997 Gyms, membership fee based sports 8111 Lawyers and legal advice 9399 Government services

October 2020

  • We brought the method vouchers out of beta, you can enable this method in the dashboard. See the voucher guide for more info and the requirements.
  • Some feeRegion values for credit card were missing in the documentation. We have added them now.

September 2020

  • Added the failureReason to the Bancontact details object if the payment did not succeed.
  • The locale field of a payment object can now be updated via the Update payment endpoint.

August 2020

July 2020

  • We have added a mobileAppCheckout URL to the Payments API response if the payment method supports payments via a companion (mobile) app. At the moment, this only involves bancontact.

June 2020

  • It is now possible to import your PayPal billing agreements by creating mandates via the Create mandates endpoint.
  • We limit the amount that can be spent with a gift card to 50 euro per payment due to new regulations.
  • Pay later is now available for Belgian shoppers.

May 2020

  • It is now possible to update the metadata of an order line via the Update order line endpoint.
  • Added voucher as new payment method. See our guide for how you can integrate this into your checkout. This payment method is currently in a private beta state. If you are interested in participating, reach out to your account manager or our support department.

April 2020

  • Added gift card issuers restaurantcadeau and dinercadeau.

March 2020

  • Mollie is moving to a monthly invoicing system. As some settlements span multiple months, these settlements will have their associated costs put on multiple invoices (one for each month). To accommodate the linking of specific costs to the specific invoice of that month, an invoiceId field is included for each monthly period (see the Get settlement endpoint).

    For such settlements that span multiple months, the top-level invoiceId field now refers only to the oldest invoice. This could cause your bookkeeping integration to break as the invoice referenced by this ID will no longer cover all costs. The new invoiceId field of each period should be used instead.

  • We made it easier to ship a whole order at once by making the lines parameter in the Create shipment endpoint optional.

  • It is now possible to update the webhookUrl and redirectUrl of an order via the Update order endpoint.

  • Duplicate refunds (same amount as another Refund on the same Payment within the hour) are now blocked by the API.

  • Added the possibility to get the details of the remainder payment in the details object of a stacked payment. See the Get payment endpoint for more info.

  • Added “Sustainable Fashion Gift Card” as giftcard issuer.

  • Added “FestivalCadeau Giftcard” as giftcard issuer.

  • The expiry time of SOFORT Banking was changed to 2 hours.

February 2020

January 2020

  • Added restrictPaymentMethodsToCountry to the Update payment.
  • Added support for IDNs (internationalized domain names) for webhook and redirect URLs in the Payments API.
  • Added the possibility to also update the interval of a subscription via the Update subscription endpoint
  • The self.href, next.href and previous.href links now correctly contain all query parameters used when performing the request. For example, the year query parameter will now be included in the next and previous links for the response of the List invoices endpoint if it was in the initial request.
  • Values for _links.nnnn.href elements now correctly include the ?testmode=true query parameter if this is necessary to be able to follow the link. This affects OAuth and Application Token authenticated requests only.

December 2019

  • Added the possibility to submit extraMerchantData for Klarna in the Orders API for merchants who have agreed this with Klarna.
  • Added restrictPaymentMethodsToCountry in the Payments API.
  • Added shopperCountryMustMatchBillingCountry in the Orders API.
  • Enabled Application fees for the Orders API.
  • The webhooks will now be called from different IP addresses. This should not cause any problems if you do not check our IP address. We advise you not to check our IP address. A full list of all the IP addresses that we use to send webhooks can be found in our help center.

November 2019

  • We made the cardFingerprint field for Bancontact deprecated. See Get payment for more information.
  • Added authentication_failed as possible failureReason in the Payments API for Credit Card payments.
  • Added the sellerProtection field to the PayPal payment details.
  • The Apple Pay direct integration can now also be used with Create order.
  • Added the digitalGoods field as PayPal parameter. See Create payment for more information.
  • Added support for PayPal Reference Transactions (recurring) payments. Make sure that the correct permissions are set and your merchant account has been approved by PayPal before using this.
  • Added the paypalFee field to the PayPal payment details which shows the amount of fee PayPal is charging for that transaction.

October 2019

  • Added the feeRegion to the pricing object for credit card in the Methods API.
  • Added the paypalPayerId field to the PayPal payment details.

September 2019

  • Introduced a new endpoint for getting all subscriptions created for a website profile. See List all subscriptions for more info.
  • Added new currencies for credit card: AED, NZD, PHP, RUB, SGD and ZAR.
  • Changed the retry schedule of our webhook system. We will try to call your webhook for 26 hours in total now. See the webhooks guide for the new schedule.
  • Added gift card issuers ohmygood and reiscadeau.
  • Added the payments key to the _links object in the Subscription object.
  • Added property vatRegulation to Get organization and Submit onboarding data.

August 2019

  • Removed the charge date from the description of payments created by a subscription.
  • Introduced a new endpoint to update some details of created payments. See Update payment for more info.
  • Lowered the minimum amount for credit card payments with sequenceType=first to zero. See Recurring payments for more info.

July 2019

  • Orders can now be created with a custom expiry date. Use the new expiresAt parameter to set the custom date. See Create order for more info.
  • Added MyBank (mybank) as new payment method. Currently, it’s not possible to activate MyBank via the Dashboard. Contact your account manager to enable this new method.
  • Polish złoty (PLN) is now supported as a currency for the Przelewy24 payment method.
  • Settlements can now be retrieved using either their ID or their bank reference. See Get settlement for more info.

June 2019

  • Added the settlementId field to the refund response. See Get payment refund for more info.
  • Changed the conditions for when an order is cancelable. Canceling an order is not longer possible when there are any open payments for the order, unless for four specific methods. See Cancel order for more info.
  • Direct integration of Apple Pay is now available.

May 2019

  • Added american-express, carte-bancaire and maestro as possible values for the feeRegion in the credit card payment details. See the Get payment endpoint for details.
  • Apple Pay is now supported in Mollie Checkout and can be integrated in your webshop’s method selection.
  • Refunds can now contain metadata. We will save the data alongside the refund. Whenever you fetch the refund with our API, we will also include the metadata. See the Create payment refund and Create order refund documentation for more info.
  • Added gift card issuers vvvdinercheque and vvvlekkerweg.
  • Removed bitcoin as payment method.

April 2019

  • Added a new endpoint for Mollie Connect to revoke access and refresh tokens. See the Revoke Token endpoint for details.

March 2019

  • Added the profile key to the _links object in the Subscription object.
  • Subscriptions can now be created with application fees. The application fees will be applied on each created Payment for the Subscription.
  • Added the minimumAmount and maximumAmount properties to the Methods API endpoints. It represents the minimum and maximum amount allowed for creating a payment with the specific methods.
  • Added the amount query parameter to the List all payment methods endpoint.
  • Added the currency query parameter to the Get payment method endpoint.
  • The .dev TLD is now supported for webhooks.
  • Added gift card issuers nationalegolfbon and sportenfitcadeau.
  • Added the new payment method Przelewy24 (przelewy24).

February 2019

  • Added profile website URL validation to the Create profile endpoint.
  • Added profile website URL validation to the Submit onboarding data endpoint.
  • Updated the list of available profile merchant category codes
  • The changePaymentState link in the Payments API is now available for paid payments in test mode. This allows you to create refunds and chargebacks for test mode payments from the checkout screen.
  • We will now also call the webhook when a refund got canceled

January 2019

  • Added a new API for submitting onboarding data of a merchant. This data will be prefilled in the onboarding forms of the merchant. You will need the new OAuth scope onboarding.write to submit data. For details, see the Submit onboarding data endpoint.
  • It is now possible to also update the orderNumber of an order, see Update order.
  • It is now possible to also update the quantity, unitPrice, discountAmount, totalAmount, vatAmount and vatRate of the order line, see Update order line.
  • We have added the metadata field to the order line entity. You can now store up to 1Kb of information with your order line, see Create order.
  • Added a new endpoint to retrieve all payment methods Mollie is offering to an organization. See List all payment methods for details.
  • Added a new API for getting the onboarding status of a merchant. You will need the new OAuth scope to access the data. For details, see the Onboarding API.

December 2018

  • Added the locale field to organization details. This represents the locale that the merchant has set in their Mollie Dashboard.
  • Added a new endpoint to update order lines. For details, see Update order line.
  • The expiry period for Belfius Pay Button has been decreased from 1 day to 1 hour.
  • It is now possible to create (another) payment for an order via the Create order payment endpoint on the Orders API.
  • We are now offering webhooks for order payments. Note that when the status of the payment becomes paid we are calling your order webhook instead. See the Orders API for more info.
  • Enabling and disabling payment methods via the API is now possible via the Enable payment method endpoint on the Profiles API.
  • Refunds for Pay later and Slice it can now be created via the Create payment refund endpoint. This allows refunding of arbitrary amounts.
  • It is now possible to get the pricing of the payment methods that are active on the payment profile. Add the include=pricing parameter to the Methods API to get the pricing object in your response.

November 2018

  • It is now possible to pass an amount when partially shipping, canceling or refunding order lines. This is necessary for order lines that have a non-zero discountAmount.

    Before, it was not possible to partially ship, cancel or refund such order lines.

  • Subscriptions in test mode will now be canceled automatically after 10 charges.

  • It is now possible to refund SEPA Direct Debit payments.

  • Moved the organizationName field in the shippingAddress and billingAddress objects.

  • Added referral-functionality for Mollie Partners to the Connect API. See the documentation for more info.

  • The maximum amount for SOFORT Banking payments has been increased from €5,000 to €50,000.

October 2018

  • Added organizationName field for orders, so from now a customer can specify the organization name if they buy something for business purposes.

  • We now accept the use of an underscore _ in Redirect- and Webhook-URLs.

  • A guide has been added explaining how to test your integration of the Mollie API.

  • Added the changePaymentState link to the Payments API. It allows you to set the final payment state for test mode recurring payments.

  • Added the timesRemaining field to the Subscriptions API. The field lists how many charges are left for completing the subscription.

  • Consumer IBANs of Bancontact payments will now always be shared via the API.

  • Added Organization access tokens as an authentication method.

  • PayPal refund period has been increased from 60 to 180 days.

  • The method field on the Create Payment and Create order now also accepts an array of methods. By doing so you can select which methods to show on the payment method selection screen. For example, you can use this functionality to only show payment methods from a specific country to your customer.

  • It is now possible to specify a URL with a custom URI scheme as redirectUrl parameter. Previously, only the HTTP and HTTPS schemes were allowed. You can for example immediately redirect the customer back to your mobile app after completing a payment, by setting the redirectUrl to your own App Scheme, like my-app://payment-return.

  • Added new category codes 5533 5641 5651 5732 5735 5815 5944 5977 7999 to the Create profile and Update profile endpoints.

  • We have added the mandateId field in subscriptions. This makes it possible to sure a specific mandate for a subscription. For details, see the Subscriptions API.

  • We have removed the dedicated French bank account for bank transfer payments. Your customers can use our Dutch bank account to finish the payment.

  • Added the new payment status authorized for payments that still require a capture to receive the money. Currently, this status is only used for payment methods Klarna Pay now, Klarna Pay later and Klarna Slice it. Because payments with these payment methods can only be created with the Orders API, there is no change required in existing implementations of the Payments API.

    The new status is especially useful to give a meaningful representation when listing all payments.

September 2018

  • Added the nextPaymentDate field in subscriptions to see when the next payment should be initiated. For details, see the Subscriptions API.
  • Added a new endpoint get all payments for a specific customer subscription. For details, see: List subscription payments
  • Added amountCaptured and authorizedAt to the payment object.
  • Added the metadata field to the Subscriptions API. This makes it possible to, for example, link a plan to a subscription.
  • Added a new endpoint for partners to get all connected organizations. See the Reseller API Docs for more information.
  • Added the Orders API and the Shipments API. See the Orders guide for more details on how to use these APIs.
  • Added the Captures API.
  • The amount field in chargebacks had the wrong sign, though it was documented correctly. The API has been changed to use positive values for the amount field and negative values for the settlementAmount field in the Get chargeback endpoint.
  • You can now use a cursor to scroll through all chargebacks of a payment using the List payment chargebacks endpoint.
  • Added the mode field to the Mandates API. This makes it possible to see in which environment the mandate is created.
  • Added a new endpoint for retrieving the website profile of the used API key. For details, see: Get current profile

August 2018

  • The icons returned by the Methods API have been updated. Note that the size of the icons has changed from 40x40 to 32x24. All icons are now available in SVG as well, which we advise you to use where possible.

July 2018

  • Test payments are no longer cleaned up after 2 weeks. Just like live payments they will never be removed.

  • The Get settlement endpoint now returns the invoiceId if the settlement has been invoiced. The invoice is also available in the _link object.

  • Added a new endpoint for updating Subscriptions. Now you can update a subscription when needed – for example when your customer switches price plans.

    For details, see Update subscription.

June 2018

  • Added the new payment methods Giropay (giropay) and EPS (eps). Note that this method may not be available on your account straight away. If it is not, contact our support department to get it activated for your account.
  • Passing a payment description in the form of Order <order number> will now pass the order number to PayPal in the Invoice reference field which you can search.
  • Added new locales en_US nl_NL nl_BE fr_FR fr_BE de_DE de_AT de_CH es_ES ca_ES pt_PT it_IT nb_NO sv_SE fi_FI da_DK is_IS hu_HU pl_PL lv_LV and lt_LT to the Create customer, Create payment, and List methods endpoints to localize translations and allow for ordering the payment methods in the preferred order for the country.

May 2018

  • Launched multicurrency payments, along with the new v2 API.