Occasionally, we will add new resources, new fields, or new possible values to existing fields to the v2 Mollie API. All changes are documented here.

August 2018

Wednesday, 1st

  • The icons returned by the Methods API have been updated. Note that the size of the icons has changed from 40x40 to 32x24. All icons are now available in SVG as well, which we advise you to use where possible.

July 2018

Tuesday, 31st

  • Test payments are no longer cleaned up after 2 weeks. Just like live payments they will never be removed.

Thursday, 19th

  • The Get Settlement endpoint now returns the invoiceId if the settlement has been invoiced. The invoice is also available in the _link object.

Wednesday, 11th

  • Added a new endpoint for updating Subscriptions. Now you can update a subscription when needed – for example when your customer switches price plans.

    For details, see: Update Subscription

June 2018

Monday, 25th

  • Added the new payment methods Giropay (giropay) and EPS (eps). Note that this method may not be available on your account straight away. If it is not, contact our support department to get it activated for your account.
  • Passing a payment description in the form of Order <order number> will now pass the order number to PayPal in the Invoice reference field which you can search.

Friday, 1st

  • Added new locales en_US nl_NL nl_BE fr_FR fr_BE de_DE de_AT de_CH es_ES ca_ES pt_PT it_IT nb_NO sv_SE fi_FI da_DK is_IS hu_HU pl_PL lv_LV and lt_LT to the Create Customer, Create Payment, and List Methods endpoints to localize translations and allow for ordering the payment methods in the preferred order for the country.

May 2018

Wednesday, 9th