June 2024

We have updated the Payment Links API. From now on, you can: archive payment links, delete payment links (only if they have no transactions), edit payment links (currently limited to the description).


May 2024

We are introducing a new beta parameter to the Payments API that allows adding line item information.


April 2024

Place a hold for a payment is now general available.


March 2024

Added support for sort parameter on the List Payments and List Orders endpoints.


January 2024

Added support for the description and countriesOfActivity fields on the Profiles API.


December 2023

We are introducing a new beta capability for card payments. It is now possible to place a hold on a card and at a later time capture the funds. This can reduce the risk for chargebacks by only capturing when you are sure of the final payment amount.


August 2023

Added Point of sale payment details.


July 2023

Changed the Get terminal endpoint from Coming Soon to Beta.


June 2023

Added Billie specific parameters to Payment method-specific parameters.


May 2023

  • Deprecated the Submit onboarding data endpoint.
  • Previously, we allowed all merchants to refund an additional €25 on top of the original payment amount. We removed this functionality by default for all merchants as of May 29th, 2023. If you have a good use case for over-refunding, please reach out to Mollie Support so we can work with you on enabling this for your account.