Mollie Connect: Getting started

Assuming you have already built an OAuth-compatible app, the first step is to register your app in your Dashboard. You will receive a Client ID and Client Secret, both of which should be kept secret. These credentials can be used to:

  • Redirect users to your app’s authorization form (Client ID)
  • Exchange auth codes for access tokens (Client ID & Client Secret)
  • Renew your access tokens
  • Deauthorize users from your app (Client ID & Client Secret)

Configuring your OAuth app

Use the details below to configure your app to work with our platform.

  • Client ID: received upon app registration
  • Client Secret: received upon app registration
  • Redirect URL: a URL within your app that processes authorizations
  • Authorization URL:, see the Authorize endpoint
  • Access token URL:, see the Tokens endpoint
  • Resource owner URL:, see Get organization

Working with access tokens

The merchant will be redirected back to your app, along with an auth code. With the auth code, you can retrieve an access token using default OAuth library functionality.

Note access tokens are time limited - you need to refresh them periodically using the refresh token. An access token expires after 1 hour. A refresh token does not expire.

Once you have the access token, use the Get Current Organization API to see which organization authenticated to your app. This endpoint also allows you to retrieve the merchant’s preferred locale. It is recommended to switch your app’s locale to the merchant’s locale after the OAuth flow.

Using the access token on the Mollie API, your app may now access the merchant’s account data, allowing the merchant to start using your app.